What We Do

BYEC engages and mobilizes youth and partners to identify issues affecting urban and rural communities in Belize and implement innovative strategies, and access funding and human resources to target and reduce inequalities while respecting diversity and promoting human rights.

Promote Diversity

We support the statement that what makes us different also makes us special and stronger as a community.

We work to increase acceptance and respect among people and communities, including areas of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, health, religious or ethical values system, and national origin.

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Empower Adolescent Girls and Young Women

We support and empower girls and young women with relevant knowledge and skill, and to claim their rights, creating an environment where they can be free from discrimination and violence.

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Empower marginalized and minority youth

At the heart of our work are youth minorities who may be marginalized, undeserved, and discriminated against. We aim to not only provide support and opportunities to youth who need it the most, but to also advance the development of a more inclusive, sustainable and peaceful Belize.

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Promote Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights

As a developing country we face many barriers regarding adolescent and youth Sexual and reproductive health and rights. We work towards ensuring that young people can access adolescent and youth-friendly health services that provide correct sexual and reproductive health information and relevant services. 

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Drive Youth Involvement

We believe that what adolescents and youth have to say is important and we value their participation. We support and encourage youth's active engagement in development discussions and processes, decision-making, and leadership.

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Belize Youth Empowerment for Change is a legally incorporated Non-Governmental Charitable Organization