Some History

BYEC was founded in December 2013, post Wold Youth Forum in Bali Indonesia, whereby young persons congregated from all across the continent and discussed issues affecting the development of youth. With representation in the forum by one of our founding members, BYEC began to take shape with the knowledge and skills gathered and shared this with other like-minded youth.

Youth led in all aspects, BYEC has advanced the rights of youth aiming to reduce inequalities across sectors and empower youth to solve the toughest problems in Belize. With increasing momentum, BYEC aims for even greater impact working in the most hard to reach communities.

Our Mission 

Promote dignity through innovative opportunities to eliminate barriers affecting youth

Empowered youth! Fulfilled lives!

Our Vision

Meet the team

Board  of Directors 

Kevin Méndez



Kevin is a social justice advocate focusing on the reduction of inequalities in the public health sector in Belize and in the Caribbean region by promoting the inclusion of LGBT Rights and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of young persons, especially young key populations. As an active member of the HIV response, he provides support to persons diagnosed with HIV and/or TB as an HIV/TB Adherence Counselor with the Ministry of Health. He is the Chair of the Pan-Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) Steering Committee in Youth Advocacy for HIV/AIDS reduction. Kevin is also a One Young World Ambassador for Belize.


George Andrew Arthurs


George is a university student of Information Technology and has a background in youth programs and Monitoring and Evaluation. In 2011 he sat on the NAC M&E Sub-Committee, and in 2012 he participated as a youth apprentice where he built skills in Program Planning and Management, Finance and Accounting, and Monitoring and Evaluation. He has participated and worked with non-profits working in sexual and reproductive health and rights and has been a consultant in Monitoring and Evaluation for several years. He believes that all people including youth should be respected and celebrated for what makes them different.


Leila Middleton


In 2016 Leila became a Social Mobilizer (social worker) at the Ministry of Human Development serving primarily poverty-stricken families, providing food, education, and medical assistance among other public assistance. She also assisted children that were truant with staying in school, although women were her primary clientele. For years she has been a participant in the Women’s Empowerment Marches. Leila has been an involved youth since her adolescent years as a member of the Boys and Girls Club in Los Angeles, and since age ten has been learning foreign culture through pen pal projects. Progressive change in Belize is something she believes is a necessity for its people and that youth are the right persons to bring about this change.


Executive Director


Stephen Diaz

Executive Director


Stephen was formally employed as the Focal Point of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Council of Belize working towards ending Human Trafficking and Smuggling across the Country. Mr. Diaz has been actively involved in over five local Civil Society Organizations partnering on reducing inequality and documenting cases of injustices among, youth, key populations, and persons made vulnerable by Human Rights Violations. Stephen is currently an active member of the United Nations Populations Fund Youth Advisory Group, alumni of the Young Leaders of the Americas Imitative YLAI 2016 and One Young World 2017 Peace Ambassador. Stephen volunteers and offers technical support to start up organizations and groups actively participating in spaces for development. 

Our Partners & Friends

Our Partners


Our Circle

Our Circle is a community-led initiative committed to awareness and empowerment of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) community through active outreach and participation, in order to initiate affirmative change in the Belizean society.

GOJoven Belize Alumni Association

A youth leadership organization working to promote and support the development of young people to act as catalysts for social change to impact adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health choices, services, policies, and programs at the community, national and regional level.

United Belize Advocacy Movement

UniBAM is a grassroots organization of and for sexual minorities working to empower lives of the the LGBT community and Persons Living with HIV through education, capacity building, advocacy, human rights defense and stigma reduction.

Department of Youth Services

DYS is an organization dedicated to the empowerment of our young people who are considered to be at risk in present and future development of Belize. It has offices opened across the country of Belize to serve the youth ages 14 to 29 years of age.

UNFPA Youth Advisory Group

The Belize YAG aims to bring a youth perspective on issues affecting young people in order to ensure that their rights and needs are acknowledged and promoted within the UNFPA programme and the wider society. The group also seeks to strengthen the skills of young people in areas that include leadership, decision-making, communication, problem-solving and advocacy, thereby facilitating their effective participation in national development processes.

Belize Youth Empowerment for Change is a legally incorporated Non-Governmental Charitable Organization